Carrier Tape


  EC and Clearen Sheet have been used and reputed as standard materials for carrier tapes.  

  Various grades available for semiconductors and electronic components.

  1.   Years of  accumulation and  trust 

  2. Completed carrier tapes for semiconductor and electronic parts

    3. Ultra-thin and high strength EC-AP sheet for parts miniaturization developed recently.


Product Features

  • Suitable for various molding methods and shows good moldability and size accuracy.

  • Excellent sealing performance with covertapes. 

  • Stable conductivity to protect contents from static electricity.

  • High transparency for easy recognition of contents. (CST-2401) 

  • Higher strength and ultra-thin than the former PC series sheets.(EC-AP2)  

  • Anti-static performance to prevent carrier sheet from dust. (EC-TP2)

Dicing Tape - UV Series

A dicing tape is used for fixing a work piece during the dicing process in the manufacturing of semiconductors, electronic and optical components.With greater diversity and higher quality in chips, dicing tapes also require advanced technology.Dicing tapes of NEXTECK are widely used in a variety of applications including slicing , single EMC encapsulation substrate , drive IC , LTCC substrate , silicon chip , ceramics , glass, and optical lens .UV series dicing types have ultra high crystallized ability by adhesion and ultraviolet irradiation , easy to be peeled , without remains and anti-static. We provide whole roll as well as customized shapes.


More Products


PSA Cover Tape

Cover tape is sealed to the carrier tape to hold the devices in the pockets. Nexteck offers a full range of cover tapes to meet various requirements.


Cover Tape

Cover tape for carrying thermo forming electron with superior applicability. Cover tape classification: Heat-seal type Pressure sensitive type...


Thermo Sheet

THERMO SHEET EC is a SHEET material that USES carbon black to make it conductive.Our company has various grades of polystyrene and polycarbonate, which can be widely used for various purposes. Loaded with material The characteristics of With excellen...

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