As the Regional Office in South-East Asia, with it registered HQ in the UK. Nexteck Singapore is dedicated in the R&D, and is the major supplier of Organic fine Chemicals Products like Sheets for Carrier Tapes (Thermo Sheet EC & CLEAREN Sheet C) Cover Tape (Thermo Film ALS), Dicing Tapes and PI Tapes (ELEGRIP) for Semi Conductor, LED, Micro Chips, wafer and Components industries of electronics field in the region of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Our Precision Alloys Business Unit, majored in Advanced Alloys Material supply to Automobile and Aerospace standards. NEXTECK Asia production plant covering an area of 50 acres is located in Shanghai, China Which adopt advanced automation technology from Smelting, Forging, Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling, Annealing and Slitting to ensure the highest quality precision alloys materials demand in Electronics, Semiconductors, Passive components, Green Energy, Aviation and Military field.

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Cover tape for carrying thermo forming electron with superior applicability.Cover tape classification: Heat-seal type Pressure sensitive type..



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